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Radiohead’s Nude- Holy Fuck Remix

April 1, 2008

Holy Fuck have done a remix of Radiohead’s song Nude- you can go here for a listen and vote. If you want to see all the remixes available check here.



Holy Fuck

March 28, 2008

Yes, what a moniker- Holy Fuck– then again they have some fucking brilliant music so it might be the expletive you will say when you first hear them! Perhaps a better one would have been a consideration though since I am not even positive you can say their name over the radio…I thought that I heard them mentioned on Phantom before but am questioning that now.

I have actually been putting off listening to them over the last couple of months for the simple if silly reason that I knew I would love their music from the couple of tracks I heard and they are having a gig here shortly which is on a Thursday. Thursday night gigs are a no-go for me at the moment since I would need to get a child minder and it works out quite expensive for a couple of hours of music.

I finally gave in though and had a listen- these guys are bloody excellent. All electronic head-melting sweetness with some great body-bopping tracks. I have only listened to their tunes over MySpace and YouTube so haven’t listened to the whole of ‘LP’- the one shop I can find it in town has an exorbitant price so will have to order it online.

Super Inuit is probably my favourite at the moment and Lovely Allen is excellent as well- some great vibes to their tracks and they are probably more accessible than Battles since they are more conventional in their rhythm and syncopation. However, I still prefer some of Battles tracks for their intensity and the excellent drumming by John Stanier.

The real test will be in their live show- if they stick exactly to the tracks as they are done on the cd then it will be a disappointment since these tunes are made to be expanded and explored when playing live. My favourite two gigs of last year were Battles and LCD Soundsystem for exactly this reason…great tunes to begin with and when they played them live they didn’t follow them note for note.

They will be in Whelans on the 10th of April and tickets are only €13.50 from Ticketmaster. Now all I need is to find is a child minder….so if you can look after two monstrous angelic boys then please let me know. Seriously…let me know!

Super Inuit

Lovely Allen at Metro