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Boca Chica- Valentine

March 13, 2010

After melting my heart with a Christmas tune- Boca Chica is back with the  5 track ep Valentine that leaves the heart in a puddle again.  It was released in time for Valentines Day…but I was never one for one particular day devoted to amour- why have the same day as everybody else when you could have your very own special day devoted to affairs of the heart?  With 5 tunes of Hallie Pritts delightful vocals and superb instrumentation from the band there is no better way to occupy your ears on whichever day you choose!

Lake Erie kicks it off with a banjo start and strings that mesh well with the vocals and Pins And Needles has a low key start with building instruments and great syncopated work between banjo plucking and drums.   Valentine keeps it more subtle with guitars and drums and Like Sheep In The Knight have mostly French vocals for some ooh-la-la flair.   The Hourglass Waltz is definitely the standout track for me- perfect harmonies with subtle banjo, xylophone and drums- what really makes the tune so good though is the sampling and electro sounds used towards the end- lovely stuff!

The Hourglass Waltz

To get the full ep head over to Indiecater and for €2.50 you can have these tunes echoing in your ears for every special day you want to make your own Valentines!

For more Boca Chica goodness check back here in a month for a collaborative track from Eardrumspop!


The Very Most- Winter: An Indiecater Release

December 7, 2009

Ah the end of the year approaching and what a year for The Very Most who have been delighting my ears from the beginning of 2009 with their EP release for each season- no better way to mark the time than with their lovely tones!

Their tunes are full of the emotions associated with each season and once again the three tunes on the Winter EP have summed it up well- the Christmas spirit in the air with their harmonies keeping the chill at bay with that warm feeling in your heart.

They kick it off with a cover of Away In A Manger which has some great upbeat harmonies and the interesting use of a Doucaine just after the halfway mark.  I wouldn’t have spotted the instrument without knowing it was in one of their tunes but it has an interesting sound.  (Slight aside being an oboe lover- I thought it would sound more like a shawm which has a shrill edge to it but it was more subdued and probably a bit closer to the clarinet- music geek bit over)

It’s The Best Thing is next with a slower start but the same great harmonies and in a word is cymbaltastic!  A great vibe altogether which is carried into When Does The Goodwill Start?- a snappingly good tune that will get you into the Christmas spirit…even for those heavy hearted grinches among us!

You can listen to Away In A Manger right now but you can get all 3 from Indiecater for the paltry sum of 2 Euro- so get clicking!


The Very Most- Autumn: An Indiecater Release

October 28, 2009

Ah autumn is finally in the air!  Even if it’s a rather muted affair in Dublin the memory of the east coast in the US remains with the brilliant colours of the leaves, the nip in the air and the sharp smell of the freshly fallen leaves- superb!

While it is one of my favourite time of years the lack of sunlight has always been an issue so nothing better to deal with post-daylight saving time blues than some tunes from The Very Most!

Their 3rd season-related ep has hit Indiecater and has hit the high mark as usual- three sublime tunes that are full of sunshine even if it is slowly dying away.

When Summer Finally Dies kicks it off with some lovely sublime vocals, backing and great beats with Sweater following it up with some warm tones and a superb toe tapping vibe.  Autumn Air ends it with a rather more sombre tone which is befitting of the season- still some sunshine there with the vocals but the slight use of  sleigh bells is certainly a sign that winter is on its way!

You can download or stream Autumn Air below and head over to Indiecater where you can stream all three tunes and buy them for the very pocket pleasing €2.00!

The Very Most – Autumn Air

Autumn EP Front Cover


Sunbear- Bits: An Indiecater Release

October 20, 2009

Time again for another Indiecater release and this time its a doozy from the Dublin band Sunbear– which has been defunct since 1999 and a group I sadly missed the first time round!

Bits is a collection of their two eps ‘Bits And Pieces’ and ‘Dog’ along with a couple of unreleased tracks thanks to Mr. Indiecater getting in touch with the former drummer- sometimes Dublin is a great community when you simply ask!

Since they are new to my ears I have to say that some of the tunes do have a contemporary sound in relation to the Irish music scene- which is indeed a positive thing to say for Sunbear…but also a damning indication that some current Irish bands haven’t moved on.

There is unquestionably a 90’s shoegaze vibe for most of the tracks but some have quite a nice melodic flow and indeed for the The Bits (That Float Around When You Close Your Eyes) there is a bevy of instrumentation that you would find in todays new-folk outfits with (possibly) a dulcimer and a small selection of strings.

The collection of tunes is more or less in the same order as the original ep’s combined and the opening track Leadbelt kicks it off in fine fashion with some great beats to go along with the hazy guitars.  Seeing Stars has good driving beats to keep the vibe going and Each To Their Own has a great keyboard start but unfortunately it doesn’t go anywhere and it’s only with the beats and guitar jam in Halved that the vibe returns.

Going To The B has more of a melodic element and a good toe tapping pace which is continued on in Ran All The Way  but certainly with a more distorted sound.  The harmonies really come out for Somebody Change The Season which has an ear catching good vibe and muted guitars which come back in full-hazy-force in Pennies.  Dog is probably the quietest track on there with a sparse intro and subtle instrumentation for most of it and the following tune Clown Hands is unmistakably mid-90’s influenced with the vocals and arrangement.

Poke My Side and Send That Monkey To Mars are similar in function with a quiet start and about halfway through they pick up pace and bring in the shoegaze element with a nice flair.  Fond Memories of New York follows and it is a good toe tapping tune but it’s The Bits (That Float Around When You Close Your Eyes) that is that is really ear grabbing.  A great end to the mix and while it has an unusual and slightly undefined start, the addition of the strings and various instruments really makes this an outstanding tune.

Overall it’s a good collection of tunes and you can have a listen to Leadbelt below.  Head over to Indiecater where you can stream the whole collection and get the download for the miniscule amount of €4.00!

Sunbear – Leadbelt

Front Cover


Candy Claws- In The Dream Of The Sea Life

September 2, 2009

Ahh another delightful release from Indiecater with Candy Claws– electronica soaked tunes with some of the catchiest syncopation I have heard in a while.  Everything is certainly there to remind you of the sea life- hazy voices, dreamy distortion, and analogue sounds that will leave you with visions of the sea, sunshine and the wind whipping through your hair…all things that Ireland are sadly lacking this year!

It kicks of with Diving Knife with quite a long lead in of just over a minute but then there are quite intense sounds that will certainly grab your attention.  Lantern Fish follows with a very catchy start and what sounds like distorted splash sounds throughout.

What comes next is a triumvirate of tunes and as with any tri-structure they are strong on their own right but together they have a strength that is hard to beat.   Starry Fighter Kite kicks it off with some damn catchy almost clockwork syncopation and harmonies with Catamaran following up not only with great harmonies but great synth and bells/xylophone that will give you the impression of cutting through the waves.  Sun Is My Girl ends it with some great distortion and vocals that make you feel you sunning yourself on deck while drifting in the shallows.

What follows is quite good as well- the harmonies in Flashy Storm are superb and Island Grows and Snowflake Eel Wish have a slight change of pace with some slower syncopation.  Not Strange Winged Snail is the beginning of end and brings in a hint of steel drums and the sitar tinged Snowy Shores is the perfect last track with subtlety being the key.

All in all there is great continuity through the album and track-listing really makes this an album that you need to listen to as a whole and not the individual tracks.   That being said, there is no better time to decide to host music on the blog with an Indiecater release and you can check out the cracking tune Catamaran below- and in keeping with the the puns from Mr. Indiecater, I would be surprised if it doesn’t float your boat!

Candy Claws – Catamaran

So head over to Indiecater where you can check out the whole album and get the download for €4 or if you’re one who likes the likes the physical feel of music, Mr. Indiecater is also now releasing cd’s so you can get the cd for €8 if your quick!

In The Dream Of The Sea Life Front Cover


Adam And Darcie- California Trail

August 6, 2009

I can’t say that I have knowingly listened to any band from Utah…a place better known for canyons and gorges and the Mormon religion than its music.   The only group I do know from there are the Osmond Family which ‘may’ have graced these ears when I was 5… but that is better left unsaid and certainly the only time you will see that name in this space.

Indiecater to the rescue then with the release of Adam and Darcie– a collection of folky lo-fi tunes with some sweet harmonies and great instrumentation.  In fact almost every track has such a great mix of both that the tunes are more akin to chapters in a book than to tunes by themselves and something that has to be digested as a whole rather than individually.

It starts off with the slow burner The Fox, Hare, And Doe which transforms into a great pace with the introduction of the xylophone, guitar and drums about halfway through.  Never Been A Pilot follows and is just sweetness personified- delectable harmonies that are perfect for any sugar-eared person and in the later half some excellent instrumentation that ends on a great vibe.

Hands-Mind, Festival, and I Need To Let Go Of What I Won’t Miss all have some good instrumentation and vocals that will leave you in a relaxed frame of mind but it’s Nowhere, No One which peak my ears next- with some simple plucking and delightful female vocals from Darcie it really is a delightful tune.

All I Ever Do Is Fall follows with some good vocals from Adam and goes into National Forest which is really the standout track on the album for me- excellent guitars and beats with such sweet sweet harmonies halfway through that I wish it would continue for another few minutes.

After that the album is a come down from the sugar high and returns to dreamy vocals and subtle instrumentation with Before It’s Better, California Trail, Grass Valley and the two instrumental only numbers Steep Hollow and Gold Hill which starts off in an almost lamenting fashion but brings out the beats for a vibrant and engrossing end.

So if you are feeling sweet deprived, head over to Indiecater and get California Trail for just  €4.00- considering you can forgoe your sugar hit for today that is a very good buy indeed!



Elephant Stone- The Seven Seas

July 16, 2009

Another excellent release from Indiecater with Elephant Stone– I don’t recall hearing them before but definitely a bounty of ear-catching tunes.

This Montreal based group are certainly different than the usual electronic/punk groups that I hear from there- excellent high registers with falsettos that are never cloying and are reminiscent of so many Swedish groups that have been in my ears recently. [Edit-see comments]

Throughout the album there is a great psych rock vibe and surprisingly an eastern tinge to the tunes which really works well.  I have to admit that when I first heard the sitar I did cringe (with memories of ruining my mothers Beatles LP’s by skipping over those Harrison tracks) but it is played extremely well and when combined with both western and eastern percussion the tracks are pretty rockin.

It starts of with Bombs Bomb Away which is a rousing sunshine tune and the next one which caught my ear is I Am Blind which has just the right balance with the reverb.  The Straight Line is the one that really caught me out with its sitar start and about halfway through there is a metamorphis with the addition of drums and an excellent post-rock vibe.  Blood From A Stone marks another change and feels more like a soliloqy with its instrumental start and strings later on.  It ends with the excellent Don’t You Know which has a good slow shoegaze start and again halfway through there is a complete change of tack with the introduction of the eastern instruments and it ends on a great jam reverb and all.

So head over to Indiecater and get these tunes for the paltry amount of €4.00 which is still less than a shot of voka and will stay much longer in the head!



South Ambulance- EP #5 An Indiecater Release

June 22, 2009

Another excellent release from Indiecater in the form of South Ambulance– simply named EP #5 but there is nothing simple about their tunes.   Delightfully layered with a tinge of melancholy that will catch you on the fist listen and keep you there for quite a few more.

Dear Mutiny kicks it off with staccato striking piano chords and a lonely sounding voice which is then joined in a harmony of discord with another striking piano and eventually a guitar joins the fray with some backing vocals.       Blissful dissonance!

They Stick Together has a more  jangly start with guitars but the ethereal voices are still there and What The Doctor Said turns into a great shoe-gaze number.

The Stay Away starts off with rather melancholic voices but is then lifted to give you that feeling of flowing along and coming back across yourself- brilliant!  Circling With Thee has a great fast pace which is followed by the Rabid Ghost and is a multi-layered tune that is perfect for the wind-down.

Maybe it’s their mention of Poe in their blurb at Indiecater that has me in a literary reminisce but the tunes actually remind of a passage from The Willows by Algernon Blackwood that I had read last year.

Great revelations of nature, of course, never fail to impress in one way or another, and I was no stranger to moods of the kind.  Mountains overawe and oceans terrify, while the mystery of great forests exercises a spell peculiarly its own.  But all these, at one point or another, somewhere link on intimately with human life and human experience. They stir comprehensible, even if alarming, emotions. They tend on the whole to exalt.

Dare I say that there there is The Swede in the story to go along with the fact that the band hail from Sweden- can’t seem to escape them these days but with tunes like these I welcome them all with open arms.

So head over to Indiecater and this delightful ep can be yours for the paltry sum of €2.50- for 6 tunes you can’t beat it!

South Ambulance_ep5-front


The Very Most- Summer: An Indiecater Release

May 28, 2009

Time again for another ep from The Very Most– this time their summer offering and with the weather in Ireland there is no better time to be getting some summery tunes in the ears since you won’t be experiencing it outside!

Four upbeat tunes which starts with an excellent three part number A Mid-80s Lower-Middle Class Family Summer Road Trip and the sunshine vibe continues with The Motor-Vue Lights.  You’re In Love With The Sun starts a more mellow tone on the ep and it is finished nicely with slower tempo Fireworks which leaves you with a recollection of the setting sun and the dying embers of a barbecue.  Excellent stuff!

All this for €2.50 plus you will get the remixes- the Spring ones were quite good so for this price you really cannot go wrong.  Head over to Indiecater now for your hit of Summer!

Front Cover


The Very Most- Spring: An Indiecater Release

February 5, 2009

Oh what a bleak week:  out sick with a cold, slushy dirty snow, no more midweek nightlinks and worst of all a levy on my wages just when I need to count on my salary more than ever.

So no better time for some sunshine in my life and what better way than some tunes from Indiecater and the aptly titled Spring from The Very Most!   The first exclusive Indiecater Release with a 4 tune ep which will be followed by Summer on the 1st of May.

It starts off with Today It Is Even Better which has a great upbeat vibe and April Is The Kindest Month slides in with a more mellow feel and some great harmonies and instrumentation.  The Only Pretty Ring Time is like opening the curtains to let the sun in and has a great building pace.  A Two Week,  Springtime, 7th Grade ‘Romance’ takes nearly as long to say as the song lasts but is a great instrumental number which definitely reminds me of young love.

So head over to Indiecater to get this little piece of sunshine into your life- at €2.50 it’s more economical and effective than a SAD lamp!