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Micachu And The Shapes- New Album Jewellery

March 9, 2009

Great vibe off of Micachu And The Shapes– their new album called Jewellery has been released by the excellent label Rough Trade.  Can’t say it better than they have themselves…although some capitalisation would have been nice!


Release Date: 09/03/2009

rough trade exclusive with a limited to 500 copies mix cd from micachu – it features everyone from golden silvers to toddla t. rough trade records are delighted to announce the signing of 21 year old mica levi aka micachu. ‘jewellery’ is her debut album. a reluctant star, mica isn’t so fussed about the flashing lights and lenses, no matter who’s listening or not, the music will always play on. but people were listening, and label interest was bound to follow such prodigal output. mica gives a suitably humble response to the band’s very recent signing to a very worthy new home at rough trade records. “this is a very exciting venture for us as everyone at the label is very supportive and enthusiastic, we feel the ethos of the label is distinctive and we are proud to be along side such legendary musicians.” equally at home making brilliant leftfield pop, as she is composing for orchestras and making mix tapes that mash up dubstep, grime, garage and pop, it comes as no surprise that micachu’s matthew herbert produced debut lp ‘jewellery’ is the aural equivalent of a chameleon: a multi-coloured, multi-layered conflation of ground breaking sounds and ideas.