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Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom (My Name Is Yu Ming)

March 28, 2008

Had a listen to the Kiosk last week and they had a spot on about Des Bishop learning Irish.  It’s not something that I would consider since I already have Russian and French that I don’t use and only sporadically use American…and yes it could be classed as a different language on occasion!

Anyway, it reminded me of the excellent short film Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom which in English is ‘My name is Yu Ming’.  It’s a story of a Chinese man that decides to come to Ireland and learn the Irish language before coming over…only to find that everybody speaks English and nobody can understand him! 

There is a YouTube of it but it really is abysmal quality so head over to Atom Films to watch it.  There are some  really great short films on Atom so expect some other posts from there!


Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Crawdaddy

January 20, 2008

It was quite late when they came on but what an excellent gig!  Opened with The Beat That My Heart Skipped which is just the best way to get the crowd moving and then some of his slower songs and spoken word.  They closed with a cover for Prince’s Cream which I thought was hilarious but great!   They were selling copies of their live shows afterwards but even though I wasn’t far back they had run out by the time I got up there! 

Dan le Sac is pure brilliance on the laptop and whatever else is using up on stage that I can’t see!  There is a special quality to Scroobius’ voice that I cant put my finger on- its not just what he says but how he says it- the timbre of his voice and the cadence of his speaking are just excellent!   Was surprised that he actually had some of his spoken word on the stage…I really don’t remember that from Electric Picnic but I am blaming the vodka for that.   Came across his Unspoken Word Poetry on YouTube a while back and even though it is not professionally done it is definitely worth a listen to- they should have a clearer version on the Kiosk’s podcast– great that Nadine was able to interview him. 

Ran into Derek after the show and ended up going to his friend Louise’s house party….I have a new crush….called a Budda Bag!  Great music and chat so it was all good…only downside is that I got home at half 7 Saturday morning and had to be up at half 10!

Some great videos here but have a look at the last one for the X-Factor where they auditioned just to take the piss out of the whole process!

Unspoken Word Poetry

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Thou Shalt Always Kill

Letter From God

Letter From X-Factor


Nada Surf and Captain Obvious

January 12, 2008

Was on the move listening to the Kiosk this morning so not sure if I got the name of a band correct for one of the tunes played.  While googling I came across an excellent blog for music and movies called Captain Obvious.  The tune that I think I heard is Weightless by Nada Surf and he has a write up here with links for two tracks that you can download.  See These Bones is an excellent tune and Weightless is quite good as well so look forward to the album which is released on the 5th of February. 

A good YouTube for Always Love


Access All Areas- Podcast

January 5, 2008

Since I am still off on holiday’s I had the chance to listen to Edel’s show today on Phantom and heard the great news that it is now going to be podcast every week!  I can’t usually catch her show since it is mid-morning so will be great to catch up on the interviews with the bands/people that she has had on during the week.  There are already three podcasts with the best of 2007 and you can find them here.  There are also links on the same page for the podcasts of the excellent show The Kiosk.

Just as an aside- I have been noticing that the WordPress blogs are coming quite high in Google searches.  I did a search to see if Edel had her own blog and a previous entry of my own came up in the first page of the search since I had her name in the ‘tag’.  I have noticed this happening with a few searches but it really hit home when the oldest son did a search for Dark Room Notes and was able to find me and leave a comment!


Silencer Tropfest

November 28, 2007

Another YouTube that I came across in Tropfest- some very good short films in there but think this one has a good edge to it and has an excellent production.  Sent off to the Kiosk….

Silencer- Tropfest 2006