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Heathers- Here, Not There

July 28, 2008

Have been meaning to post this for a while…

Here, Not There is a nice little album by Heathers who are Louise and Ellie- sisters and twins at that.  So of course there are going to be comparisons with Tegan and Sara…not just because of the twin thing but with the type of tunes they have and with the harmonics between Louise and Ellie being so close together.

They have great voices though and along with the songwriting and guitar work it is quite an enjoyable listen.  Remember When is probably the catchiest and Reading In The Dark and Moose are very good as well.  Honey Please is probably the standout for me though- starts off a bit quieter and more syncopated where some of the others can be a tad overwhelmed by the guitar work.  There is also a hidden track at the end of the album- their tune Margerie but sung in Irish so worth a listen as well.

Overall a very good album and the funky artwork deserves a mention as well.  They have been touring in the States over the summer since they had to wait until they did their Leaving Cert- very well placed for singers so young and think they will be around for a good while.  Their Irish tour will be kicking off in Dublin on the 14th of August in the Project Arts Centre with an all ages night show at 8pm.