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Sleigh Bells

December 29, 2009

Just in time for the end of the holiday season, the appropriately named Sleigh Bells will give you some jingle and just a wee bit of jangle to boot.  Actually did I say a wee bit?  Make that a lot of jangle…and screaming female vocals…And a floor stomping bass drum…AND one hell of a great vibe!


Their live show looks like it’s full of energy- so much bass it sounds like the microphone is being eaten away.  Hopefully hitting these shores soon and a definite gig for earplugs!


Wye Oak- The Knot

June 22, 2009

There are not many groups named after trees and I know of no other group named after one particular tree with a peculiar spelled name.   The first time I saw Wye Oak I knew that the band had to be from Maryland and it reminded me of the one and only time I had seen the tree which is some time ago now.

Sadly the tree was damaged in a thunderstorm and had to be removed but thankfully for our ears the group are going strong and are on their second album.  While it won’t send a bolt of lightning to crack our limbs it is a cracker indeed- a delightful melancholic shimmering shoe-gaze sound that will keep your attention firmly rooted.

Appropriately named The Knot, you can stream the album in its entirety over at Merge Records where you can also pre-order it.   They also have a free download of Take It In which is one of the most ear-catching on the album.

No videos for the new album but for the one clickers a tune from their first album If Children:

Please Concrete


Sofia Talvik

May 28, 2009

It has been a while since I first heard Sofia Talvik– with her resounding A Carol For The Lonely though it is a voice that I cherish to hear and thank to It’s A Trap!, I have been more than acquainted with it again!

Just a quick post from him to say that twitterers could get her new single Strawberries On My Tounge first by following her and bang I have been surrounded by her excellent voice all week.

You can get some of her tunes at the download section of her site or you can watch the plethora of videos there- some great ones from her latest album Jonestown along with some older ones that I keep on returning to.  There is also a great live video series of Jonestown with guest artists.

Alas her online shop is currently not open as she is doing a solo tour of the States at the moment but it will re-open on her return to Sweden in August.  If you want to get digital copies head over to ReverbNation where you can also listen to some of the tracks.

In addition to Sofia’s voice, what I really find refreshing is that as she runs her own label and is fully integrated in new social media.  Not only does she have a MySpace and Facebook group but on on her official site you can become her Google friend and on Twitter she is using Twitpay in order to sell her single.  Definitely a good sign seeing an artist ahead of the curve.

No word on a tour after the States but hopefully Ireland will be included in any upcoming European jaunt.

In the meantime…


Its Just Love

In The Eye Of The Storm- vlog of new song

Paper House- vlog of new song



February 12, 2009

Oh there is a storm brewing in the west and what a sublime storm it is!

Tenaka is Ronan Carroll, a Galway based Limerick muscian who happens to be a Biomedical Engineer- not sure what part of the body he engineers for but he knows a thing or two about ears and what is good going into them.

He has created a 4 track ep called EPonymously Titled that you can download for free from his MySpace and they really are some great ambient tunes.   Not only do they grab your attention but his writing to go along with them really puts you into the right frame of mind…

Tenaka awoke to hear the storm hissing and battering at the window.
He stretched and glanced at the fire – it had faded to glowing coals.
He had slept in the lady’s arms, taking comfort in the bugs, haven and
crawl, as she slept in the chair, her breathing deep. Tenaka rose to his
feet, slowly making his way from the room. The corridor was icy, the
wooden boards creaking under his boots. He moved to the tribes fire,
adding fresh wood and gently blowing the flames to life. He felt revitalized
as it flared from the first child through to the pause of the fourth.

Tenaka removed the red dagger from its sheth and stirred the broth with
the blade, scanning the room for ingredients. As he poured the broth into
a bowl, he cut the stitches from his cheek, emotions firing behind paper
eyes. Quietly he stowed his gear in the canvas pack, fastened his cloak
and pushed gently through the doorway.

The storm was inviting.

Just to make it even better there is some great artwork and the humorously entitled play all ‘Sure why not, it only takes 928 seconds and twas free.wpl’.

Of the tunes themselves- these aren’t the lull you off to sleep ambient tunes but the type that peak your interest and where your foot starts tapping on its own accord.  Ain’t Nobody and Someday have some soft vocals to go along with the synths and building rythms, Open Up has more complex rythms with a more driving pace and Alaskan is more sampled with kids and kids toys and some gorgeous synth strings.  Of them all I wish Alaskan was longer but you can always stick it on repeat!

He is not currently touring but hopefully soon- for the moment get the tunes and let their blissfullness wash over you.



Royal Treatment Plant- Half As Much Remix

February 9, 2009

Royal Treatment Plant have decided to give away a new track for free on their MySpace every month or you can sign up for their mailing list and they will send the track to you.  Up this month is a remix of the damn catchy Half As Much by the Famous Friends.  So head on over to their MySpace and click on the button for the remix in their About section to download it.

Half As Much– vid for the original single


Sarah Russell- You Are EP Release

February 8, 2009

Just a quick note from the lovely Sarah Russell on the release of her debut ep…


My debut 4 song CD “You Are” is released on 14th Feb… Valentines Day.

It will be available on i Tunes worldwide and as a Limited Edition CD (individually numbered and signed) by mail order.

You will be able to buy from i Tunes and CD by clicking on the links on my myspace page from 14th Feb.

Both formats will be available at a special Low price as a thank you to all my myspace friends for your support over the last year. [EDIT] Both formats will be £1.99 plus shipping for the cd.

I’m really excited about the release as its my first and I hope you like it.

I will be posting bulletins to remind people of the release date over the next week so apologies in advance if you see a lot of “bulletin” activity from me!

I’m also playing 2 London gigs in the coming weeks.

Thurs 12th Feb @ The Bedford,
77 Bedford Hill, Balham, London SW12 9HD
Nearest Station: Balham

Wed 25th Feb @ The Regal Room,
The Distillers, 64 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London W6 9PH
Nearest tube: Hammersmith

They are both Free admission and would be great if some of you can make it.

Love… Sarah

No other videos done yet so just for the quick reminder…

[EDIT] There is an excellent live version of You Are on MySpace Video but can’t embed it here.

Where I Lie


Tiny Magnetic Pets

February 3, 2009

Further proof that MySpace friend requests from bands can pay off…

Tiny Magnetic Pets have a lovely ambient electronic vibe and Paula the lead singer has a dreamy and compelling voice.  There are only three tracks up at their MySpace with I Wasn’t There being the one with the best vibe…they are working on the album so hopefully out soon.   Provisional date for a gig on the 12th of March at a Dublin location so will hopefully catch them then.

Nothing I can put here for the one clickers so head over there and have a listen!


Dan Deacon- Get Older

January 7, 2009

Oh here is something that will help warm the bones and get rid of chill outside today- nice warm fuzzy feeling without the mental electronics that will make you want to get up and move.  Its the last track from his new album Bromst so here’s hoping the rest gets you moving before the calmness sets in.

Noticed this on MySpace a couple of days ago and subsequently on Pitchfork but with a sick son at home I am only getting around to posting now…so its already on nearly every other blog in the feed reader at this stage!

You can only stream Get Older at the moment so head over to Pitchfork or MySpace and let it wash over you.


Seledyn- Zimy

November 27, 2008

Sometimes friend requests pay off for bands- Seledyn sent me one and I have to say that when I first saw that they are from Poland and with the tag of soul I didn’t quite know what to expect. I always give a band a listen though and what I heard was quite unexpected…soul doesn’t quiet cover it since there is such a great post rock instrumental ambient vibe to add to it!

It appears to be either a brother/sister or husband/wife duo of Monika Chroscielewska and Michal Chroscielewski along with guest musicians – Krzysztof Czara, Krzysztof Malinowski, Leszek Kozlowski.  Monika does the main vocals but there are quite a few tunes that are purely instrumental- and damn good they are.   The Mind Is Playing Tricks is probably the standout for me with the rhythm changes but Szron and Piano Girl show off Monika’s voice while Astrodroid, Soaked and Marzec are good on the instrumental side.

Best of all you can download their album Zimy for free! There is a link on their MySpace page or you can head here for it.  Hope to hear more from these guys soon.

Szron- rather plain visually but good voice and damn cute to boot!

Details from one of their bulletins about the Lp:

Album cover and tracklisting
Category: Music

Cover photo was taken by Wim van Egmond who gave us permission to use it. Thank You very much Wim !

Wim is an amazing artist, please check out his beautiful works here:

Complete tracklisting of ZIMY:

01. Into the light
02. Szron
03. Sopel
04. Damageproof
05. The mind is playing tricks
06. For you
07. Astrodroid
08. Take it all
09. Zimno
10. Catch the melody
11. Salek
12. Salt
13. Soaked
14. Marzec
15. Pianogirl
16. Bonus track



You can listen to these songs in our other mp3 player on the profile 🙂


Boy Crisis

November 18, 2008

Boy Crisis– another band with a great electric sound!

Just an excerpt from their page at Rcrd Lbl:

Songs like the driving ‘Dress To Digress’ channel the angular arthouse discoid post punk of Talking Heads and the nonsense cartoon funk of Funkadelic and the Tom Tom Club, while the downtempo sleaze of Seven Years War sound like Wu tang meets LCD Soundsystem, while debut single ‘L’Homme’, produced by the band themselves and mixed by up and coming mixing board luminary Lexxx and featuring the additional vocals Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek is perfect sexed-up electro disco.

Go to Rcrd Lbl to get the tune L’Homme and check out their MySpace for some other tunes!

Dressed To Digress

Check out the blurb in the information from the poster- now that is artist/fan participation!