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Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and BitTorrents

March 16, 2009

Following on the post about 50 Foot Wave allowing their work to be downloaded via torrents and all the press about The Pirate Bay, I thought that this post by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation was rather interesting.

The Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has started offering content to download through their own BitTorrent trackers.  As they say:  By using BitTorrent we can reach our audience with full quality media files.  Experience from our early tests show that if we’re the best provider of our own content we also gain control of it.

They go on further with their own doctrine:

If you want control of your content you need to lock it down in a vault and never show it to anyone. We gave up control of our content the day we started broadcasting. For years our most popular content have been available on BitTorrent and on sites like YouTube anyway. DRM doesn’t work. The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it. If people want it on YouTube then you should publish it on YouTube or in a system that give the same experience. If people want it on BitTorrent then you should provide that. If you do it right people will come to your official publish point and you’ll end up with more control.

Doubtless not every company would agree with this but it’s interesting to see a company taking charge and actually using a new medium instead of fighting against it.