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Timber Timbre

October 28, 2009

Timber Timbre sounds like spirits at work but in reality its Taylor Kirk with his sublime voice and simple instrumentation from the band that give their sound such a mysterious element.

You can get their third self-titled album for free until this Saturday at their official site and the eight tunes are of a dark, subtle, understated beauty that is simply entrancing.

The first track, Demon Host is one of my favourites and has a pretty cool video to boot.  The other tracks have varying  instrumentation throughout but subtlety is definitely the key and be it drums, guitar, organ or auto harp the understated beauty shines through.

Demon Host

Demon Host Video

Thanks to @longmanoz for the headsup and for a great review of Timber Timbre’s tunes check out Obscure Sound’s post back in January- far ahead of the curve as always!


Jong Pang And Eksi Ekso

October 21, 2008

Digging deep now in the drafts clearout…thankfully getting to the end of the music ones- quite a few cinematic ones still there though!

Jong Pang

What a mix- dance inspired ambient vibe with driving beats and female vocals in the harmonies- hot damn!  Small Cut Sensations is really damn catchy.  First came across them at Rcrd Lbl where they still have some tracks to download.

Alas there are no YouTubes for the one-clickers so get thee to Rcrd Lbl.

Eksi Ekso

First heard them over at Obscure Sound and surprisingly none of the other regular sites in the feed reader have picked up on them. Usually when I do a search in Google Reader there is a multitude of posts by the regulars. Anyway- what a great sound!  Slow burning post rock type vibe with ambient lyrics and lovely long musical jams with rock and classical instruments- nice indeed.

O’God, They’ve Frozen


The Nordic Climes

October 16, 2008

While I am up in the Nordic climes, after the post on the Swedes, these are two other groups I have come across the last few days…

Slaraffenland– Danish group I came across on Rcrd Lbl with a lovely dreamy harmonious vibe and the multi instrumental sound that I love.

Rockettothesky– Norwegian songstress and author Jenny Hval- by god does she have a voice! Immediately gripping and slow to release her hold…be prepared to put her on repeat. Check out the great post over at Obscure Sound along with a few of her tracks to download.

Rockettothesky- Grizzly Man



October 2, 2008

Have been listening to Firekites fairly regularly since I came across them at Obscure Sound a couple of months back- he still has a few tunes up if you are quick.  Autumn Story is a magnificent tune in all its hand clapping melodic gloriousness, Paris is a lovely soft instrumental number and Same Suburb, Different Park has some great harmonies.  The only problem is that it is bloody difficult to find their cd The Bowery and infuriatingly the links they have on their MySpace page go to the actual image in Photobucket and not to the sites they should be forwarding to!  It can be found in Australia but for crazy shipping so hopefully it will be released over hear soon.

Same Suburb, Different Park- better quality in Vimeo


Vanilla Swingers

July 20, 2008

Came across Vanilla Swingers originally on Obscure Sound– really liked the three tracks that were up there so went to their MySpace and befriended them lo and behold they were in touch and sent me on a link for the whole album. Very decent of them I must say and a very good album it is. Then again I knew that if Obscure Sound, mp3hugger and Condemned To Rock N Roll blogs were saying good things about them then there must be something good going on there.

There are some excellent songs here…although I started with listening to the favourite of the ones I had heard- Danger In The Past- and there is a slightly different intro so I had thought there was a problem with the download! Although, considering that the lyrics ‘tell the story of two people who meet and run away together, travel back in time, lose each other, then are reunited in the year 2015′ then maybe its not the type of album that has to be listened to consecutively.

To start from the beginning anyway…The Town has a lovely harmony with the two singers Anne Gilpin and Miles Jackson and is followed by Like Straw Dogs which has a good vibe with some rhythm changes keeping it moving. I’ll Stay Next To You has some great subtle vocals with some memories of the Pet Shop Boys thrown in at the end and The Hive is nearly like an EP on its own right- long and with so many shifts that it feels like there are a few songs in there.

Danger In The Past is definitely a standout track for me- delicious harmony and an excellent vibe that you just don’t want to stop. Back To The Present and The Way She Walked Out The Door are nice and soft but are hampered by some tuning issues. Goodbye Lennon is another standout track though with some more sweet harmonies and it ends with a simple and soft number If You Fall.

All in all it is a very good album and you can see some of the influences they list like Blonde Redhead and Pet Shop Boys. I have to admit that when Anne is singing it is like she is whispering sweet nothings in your ear but there are a few issues of Miles being in tune on a couple of songs. Hopefully this was down to the length of time in the studio and they just didn’t have the time to re-record them.

You will be able to download their album for free from their official site from the 11th of August. Not sure of their touring schedule but they have had a gig in the UK where there are some good YouTubes…sound not the best but it will give you a good flavour of what to expect when you get the album.


Danger In The Past– give it a few seconds before the song kicks in properly


Mr. Gnome

June 4, 2008

Came across Mr. Gnome on Obscure Music and they can be summed up in the first three words I uttered- My. Fucking. God! These guys not only rock but there is such a mix of genres that you really don’t want to know what to expect next. There are soaring vocals followed by frentic drumming and blaring guitars that is pure discordant delightfulness. While I think listening to music is always better than reading about it, this description pretty much nails it on the head:

There are so many things going on within one Mr. Gnome song, thrilling structural shifts, spontaneous-sounding sonic bursts, high-ceilinged vocals, air-tight, and artistic drum parts.

and that is in each and every song so imagine all the comparisons below in one tune!

Since their conception in 2005, the Cleveland duo has released two EPs, receiving wide-ranging and honorable comparisons to Massive Attack, PJ Harvey, Tool, Portishead, Cat Power, Pelican, Death From Above 1979, Bjork and Blonde Redhead.

Simply put Mr. Gnome is bloody brilliant and certainly infectious- the best way to understand of course is just listen to the music! You can stream their tunes from CdBaby but they’re only the first 2 mins of each track…long enough to get the vibe and to hook you in…so much so that when it stops before the end it is quite annoying! You can listen to three of the full tracks over at the review from Obscure Sound…have a read of their back story there as well- I don’t think you will have come across a better story on how band members met!

The best place to buy the tunes is from their official site– after enquiring the cost of shipping is included in the price (including Ireland!) so with the current exchange rate it works out quite well. They have their current album Deliver This Creature and two Ep’s, Echoes on the Ground and a self titled one- you can buy the Ep’s separately or as a double Ep. Should have them in the next few days so I can hear all the tracks in their full glory!

Not sure of the quality of the YouTube (yeah posting in work again!) but hopefully this will give you an idea-


Obscure Sound

May 30, 2008

As a blogger with not much time and fairly un-eloquent language when describing music/gigs, I love when I come across music blogs that are well written and have some excellent music content.

To go along with the already great sites of Nialler9 and GraveyardshiftShane I have recently come across another two Irish bloggers who have some great posts about music and gigs. So head on over to No Ordinary Fool and Hardcore For Nerds when you have a few minutes!

They really do have great content but the best new find over the last couple of months is from a post on Captain Obvious’s page:

Obscure Sound is simply a superb site and while I recognize a few of the groups there is such a plethora of new artists that I feel like I have overdosed over the last couple of days! Even a few pages into his archive and there are at least 8 groups that I will just have to get the album- I am nearly afraid to go back any further in case I am found asleep on the keyboard from pure exhaustion and the Obscure Sound banner branded into the monitor for eternity!  So if you have the time head on over to him but be warned that you will be there for more than just a few minutes.