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Bodies Of Water

August 8, 2008

Bodies of Water have been popping up all over the place recently…and rightly so in my opinion! A great alt folk/rock sound with lots of instruments and fabulous harmonies that really get you in the perfect state of mind.

You can go to RcrdLbl to download Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey and I Guess We’ll Forget The Sound, I guess, I guess and head over to Pitchfork for a review and to download Under The Pines.

You can also check out their official site to download a few tunes from their first album and just to make it better my new found fav Daytrotter also has a session with four live tracks to download!

Last but not least- the best news of all is that they will be playing Whelans on the 6th of October:-)

Gold, Tan, Peach And Grey- Live


The Bodies Obtained

July 28, 2008

Came across The Bodies Obtained over at RcrdLbl and I have to say they have some decent tunes- some great electronic bleeps and beats with a lovely dark vibe running through. They seem to be keeping a very low profile with not even a MySpace site to link to- RcrdLbl have 3 of their tunes to download though so get clicking! Hear & Believe is the standout by far but the others are decent enough to keep my ears perked for the other tunes off their album which will be released later in the year.