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Bats- Greystones Theatre Sept 09

September 30, 2009

Finally, another all ages gig so I could bring the sons to one and thankfully it was Bats who I was really looking forward to seeing after listening to their album repeatedly over the last couple of weeks.

Trains were up first and have to say I was quite surprised- some very good tunes and a great vibe.  Some longish post-rock numbers with slight reverb and the keyboards added a good feel to them.  Not only were they good in the quiet moments but the jams really had some good timing which for post-rock is a must.  Definitely one to catch again.

Pushkin were up next and I would like to say they were good but there really wasn’t much of a vibe to them at all.  All instrumental and technically can’t fault them but I found the construct of the tunes to be rather repetitive which was lulling me off to sleep.

Bats were finally up and damn- they really have the same excellent edge live as they do on the cd.  Higgs Boson Particle, Gamma Ray Burst, and Credulous! Credulous! sounded fantastic and there was a great power behind them with all the guitars and the drums.  One surprise was the lead singer’s voice- not just catchy in his regular singing voice but he sang quite a bit of the higher registers work as well as all the screaming- impressive.  Even the oldest son who had gone off in a huff at one stage came back for the tunes which is saying something.  Wish the set could have been longer but it was pretty sweet for its length.

Unquestionably a group to catch and if you’re debating about it just have a listen to Higgs Boson Particle below to give you the final push!

While I am at it, you can also stream the entire album over at Sputnik and it’s definitely a cd for your collection so snag it at Road Records, Tower, or online here.  Even better, get it from them at one of their gigs- quite a few coming up so keep an eye out for them!

Have to give a shout out to the Richter Collective guys there as well- sound as a pound and definitely looking forward to catching more groups from their stable again.