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Slaraffenklang EP

December 22, 2008

Ah if only more mutants of the world would unite into such a sublime sound…Slaraffenland and Efterklang are giving away a free EP of their performance at Sono Festival in 2008.

The blurb from the bulletin

Free SLARAFFENKLANG EP – Merry Christmas

Please download and enjoy this free Live EP by Slaraffenklang! A mutant band of Slaraffenland and EfterklangSLARAFFENKLANG – ‘Danish Dynamite Live at Sono Festival 2008’

There are 4 songs on the EP and a front cover is included in the zip archive as well.

Here is the story:
In May 2008 Efterklang & Slaraffenland were on a joint US tour under the name The Danish Dynamite Tour. Halfway through the tour the bands got a call from back home.
The newly established Sono Festival wanted to hear if Slaraffenland and Efterklang could be interested in performing a special concert at their festival. After a very quick talk on the topic it was decided that everyone would love to play in a band with two drummers and a lot of distorted guitars and therefore the offer was accepted.

The 4 songs on this free live EP are all recorded at Sono Festival in Rødovre (a suburb to Copenhagen) November 8th 2008.
This was the first and maybe also the last concert with Slaraffenklang.
The idea is simple and fun. Slaraffenklang is the mutant band of Efterklang and Slaraffenland. There are 12 musicians on stage, all men, and the songs performed are covers of Efterklang and Slaraffenland. Sometimes just louder and more rumbling versions and sometimes in new slightly new arrangements.

Cutting Ice To Snow
Echo Wave
You Win

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Petter Samuelsson.

Merry Christmas from Slaraffenland and Efterklang!


Bjørn, Casper, Christian, Frederik, Jeppe, Niklas, Mads, Mike, Peter, Rasmus, Rune & Thomas


The Nordic Climes

October 16, 2008

While I am up in the Nordic climes, after the post on the Swedes, these are two other groups I have come across the last few days…

Slaraffenland– Danish group I came across on Rcrd Lbl with a lovely dreamy harmonious vibe and the multi instrumental sound that I love.

Rockettothesky– Norwegian songstress and author Jenny Hval- by god does she have a voice! Immediately gripping and slow to release her hold…be prepared to put her on repeat. Check out the great post over at Obscure Sound along with a few of her tracks to download.

Rockettothesky- Grizzly Man