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Chad VanGaalen- Soft Airplane

October 17, 2008

Chad VanGaalen is one of the guys that I had lost in the shuffle …when I checked back through my various sources to remember exactly where I had heard him first it was surprisingly at Sub Pop where I had downloaded a few tracks but somehow forgot about them in the flurry.  It was was With Indian Love’s post that had reminded me of him…and when I did a search in my Google Reader I also realised that State, Thanks Captain Obvious, 5 Acts and Pitchfork had also posted about him so this guy is getting some coverage!

All of the tracks on his new album Soft Airplane have dark lyrics with some great sampling but there are quite a few standouts that have a great ambient vibe.   Willow Tree has simple instrumentation and a clear high pitched voice that belays the darkness and Cries Of The Dead has some simple beats which then fill out and becomes quite an infectious tune.  It’s two tracks a bit further on that will get your attention though- TMNT Mask is quite stunning with the electro beats and his almost ethereal voice which is followed by the excellent Molten Light which is more acoustic but equally as stunning.

There are a few tracks where the electro sounds and scuzzy guitar overshadow his voice and I think they are the weaker for it- it is his voice that is going to catch you so hopefully it will be more predominant in his gigs.  Will find out soon enough since he is going to be in Crawdaddy on the 29th of Nov!

You can head over to Sub Pop to get a few of his older tunes along with the new Willow Tree- make sure you check out the excellent Clinically Dead- cracking tune.



Iron and Wine on Sub Pop

December 29, 2007

Received an e-mail from an acquaintance yesterday that mentioned the group Iron and Wine…this group has somehow passed under my radar but probably because it is a male singer songwriter and as any friend knows I do prefer the female voice!  The tracks are mostly Sam Beam and a guitar but he is sometimes joined by his sister Sarah.   His voice is just sublime and there is a simplicity in the music that is captivating…I have not been able to get the track ‘Jesus The Mexican Boy’ out of my head since I first heard it!  Curiously there are no YouTubes for it but there are for the other great songs ‘Naked As We Came’ and ‘Lions Mane’- you can download free tracks here for all of them.  Looks like he will be touring Europe in Jan 08 but no Dublin dates mentioned- damn it all.

He is on the SubPop label which I have been coming back to over and over this year- I am going to have a proper look at all the groups on the site now since I keep on missing some treasures like this.  It is an excellent site and I must admit that they are damn generous with their artists material since there are usually quite a few tracks you can download for free.  Other artists that I have come across this year are Loney, Dear , CSS, Flight Of The Conchords, The BrunettesGo! Team and there are plenty of other known artists past and present on the site as well.  They also have a little spin-off called Hardly Art that is worth a look at for Le Loup.   So go there NOW and start downloading for a listen…you will not regret it! 

It’s also worth a mention that if you like the Iron and Wine vibe then you should tune in to Phantom on Sunday mornings for Pearl who is on from 11am to 1pm- well worth a listen!

Naked As We Came

Lions Mane


The Brunettes

November 11, 2007

Have been cruising gig sites most of the night to see who is coming to town over the next month or so…came across this incredibly poppy group from New Zealand called The Brunettes which for some reason I hadn’t heard of before.  They are on the excellent Sub Pop label and you can download one of their tracks there.  Hope to catch them when they are in town- going to be a very busy month with being away in France for a bit!