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Iron and Wine on Sub Pop

December 29, 2007

Received an e-mail from an acquaintance yesterday that mentioned the group Iron and Wine…this group has somehow passed under my radar but probably because it is a male singer songwriter and as any friend knows I do prefer the female voice!  The tracks are mostly Sam Beam and a guitar but he is sometimes joined by his sister Sarah.   His voice is just sublime and there is a simplicity in the music that is captivating…I have not been able to get the track ‘Jesus The Mexican Boy’ out of my head since I first heard it!  Curiously there are no YouTubes for it but there are for the other great songs ‘Naked As We Came’ and ‘Lions Mane’- you can download free tracks here for all of them.  Looks like he will be touring Europe in Jan 08 but no Dublin dates mentioned- damn it all.

He is on the SubPop label which I have been coming back to over and over this year- I am going to have a proper look at all the groups on the site now since I keep on missing some treasures like this.  It is an excellent site and I must admit that they are damn generous with their artists material since there are usually quite a few tracks you can download for free.  Other artists that I have come across this year are Loney, Dear , CSS, Flight Of The Conchords, The BrunettesGo! Team and there are plenty of other known artists past and present on the site as well.  They also have a little spin-off called Hardly Art that is worth a look at for Le Loup.   So go there NOW and start downloading for a listen…you will not regret it! 

It’s also worth a mention that if you like the Iron and Wine vibe then you should tune in to Phantom on Sunday mornings for Pearl who is on from 11am to 1pm- well worth a listen!

Naked As We Came

Lions Mane