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The Antlers- Hospice Stream

March 3, 2009

Excellent news from The Antlers– their new album Hospice is streaming at Bandcamp…even better there is a widget for WordPress so you can also stream it below!  The track Bear is still my favourite but the album is full of some seriously good tunes.  Head over to Insound to buy it.


1. Prologue
2. Kettering
3. Sylvia
4. Atrophy
5. Bear
6. Thirteen
7. Two
8. Shiva
9. Wake
10. Epilogue


The Antlers- Kettering And Hospice Pre-Order

February 20, 2009

Quick one from The Antlers:

Their tune Kettering now streaming on their MySpace and their new album Hospice is now ready…


Why are we doing this? Each CD is hand-assembled and shipped by us, and take a bit of time to prepare. We’ll start shipping immediately and you’ll receive the CD well before March 3rd, and you’ll get it for cheap if you order now!

Click here to pre-order from their Paypal page.


Earfarm- Brooklyn’s Best

January 26, 2009

Great post from Earfarm about groups from Brooklyn at the moment- some groups I have already come across like Effi Briest and of course The Antlers who have had more than one mention here.  Some of the other groups are quite good as well so have a look at whats on offer for your eardrums- I am especially looking forward to hearing more tunes from Dinosaur Feathers.

No YouTubes for the one clickers but check out Effi Briest’s Take Away Show.



The Antlers- Hospice Tracks

January 7, 2009

Oh another bulletin that caught my attention…from The Antlers this time but with so many others in the posts below this can’t be good for the heart!

The track Bear is really sublime though so get clicking!


On March 3rd, 2009, we’ll finally be releasing Hospice, the album nearly two years in the making. It will be a self-release, mostly digital with a limited CD release. As the time nears, we’ll let you know exactly where you’ll be able to download the record for yourself. In the meantime, you can download another track from Hospice for free.
This one is called “Bear”, and you can download it here. You can also still download the first single, “Two”, here.


And here is the cover art, designed by Zan Goodman:

1.  Prologue
2.  Kettering
3.  Sylvia
4.  Atrophy
5.  Bear
6.  Thirteen
7.  Two
8.  Shiva
9.  Wake
10.  Epilogue


Download the ORIGINAL “In The Attic Of The Universe”

January 2, 2009

Just a quick one from The Antlers- you can download the original version of their LP from Bandcamp (naming your own price but a minimum of $6.99) and you can stream all of the tracks there as well.  Some great tunes and one of my favourites from last year.

From the bulletin:

Download the ORIGINAL “In The Attic Of The Universe”

You can now download the original version of 2007’s In The Attic Of The Universe, naming your own price, right here:

http://theantlers. bandcamp. mu/

What’s the difference? Well, this is the version I self-released back in March of 2007. Upon its re-release in November of that year by Fall Records, the album was mastered in such a way that certain things changed (sonic quality, track breaks, etc), changes not everyone was necessarily happy with.

But since then, this original, unmastered version has all but disappeared. So here it is, in a whole bunch of different audio formats.


The Antlers- In The Attic Of The Universe

July 20, 2008

I can’t quite remember where I first came across The Antlers– possibly in the blogosphere over at No Ordinary Fool but with looking at so many music sites I just cant remember exactly where!

Peter Silberman is the name behind the moniker and he has quite a sublime voice- sometimes slightly overpowered by the music but it always manages to shine through and is just captivating.  The album, In The Attic Of The Universe, is just excellent and seems more akin to a classical composition with the theme that is introduced in the first track In The Attic being reprised in other tracks.  As with any composition though, there are pieces which you find more exciting but you have to give it a full listen in order to have a full appreciation.

The album does kick off with an unusual intro for In The Attic but when it kicks in it is quite good and then Look! continues on the theme with a lovely crescendo.   The Universe Is Going To Catch You is a brilliant pick up after two slower tracks and really shows the strength of his voice.  A great ending as well with Stairs To The Attic which just leaves you with a satisfied feeling and a smile on your face.

There aren’t any YouTubes to tack on for a quick view but there are links on his official page so you can download the Cold War EP and the New York Hospitals EP’s for free.

Just as a note they had this on a MySpace bulletin….so another album to look forward to!

You’ll notice we’ve got nothing scheduled for the future as of now. We’ve got some restructuring to do for future shows as we’re going to start operating as a 3 piece, and many new songs to start learning. The new album is done but there’s much work left to do. There is a tour in the works. Many, many, many things in the near future, so hold tight.



Bon Iver- The Verdict

July 3, 2008

I know that everybody in the blogosphere seems to love Bon Iver but I really can’t get into his album For Emma, Forever Ago. I am surprised really since I usually love male singer songwriters with a falsetto voice- Loney, Dear and The Antlers being artists I have come across over the last year that I absolutely love (Findo Gask as well but definitely not singer songwriter types).

Vernon’s voice just seems too forced on the majority of the songs and it is only the on the more subtle tracks that I can really enjoy his vocals. So after a few listens to the album Blindsided and Re Stacks were the highlights for me and while some of the other tracks are good it is not an album I will be putting on too often. Saying that, I have heard only good things about his live performance so I will try to catch him when he is back in town.


Posting from work so will have to check that YouTube later- hopefully good enough quality!