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Jape- Tripod Dec 08

December 31, 2008

Oops- thought this had been published but with being me sparse around these parts lately I didn’t notice till now!

So just a few thoughts…

Only arrived for the dying seconds of The Vinny Club…and it was like he was dying with him wriggling on his back on stage…shame since he always puts on an interesting show.  I must remember that these days they are sticking to the times and that with a second support they will come on shortly after the doors.

Cap Pas Cap were pretty damn good as always- started with the older L.I.E.S. and since I don’t have a record player I don’t know their new tunes which are only out on LP!  The third song was quite good and they do have a great sound although I think that sound wise the Village was a better gig- not often I say that about The Village!  For some reason they reminded me a bit of LCD Soundsystem this time around but it could just be the length of the of the tunes.   The light show they had for the set was quite good as well.

Jape came on just after 9 and I thought that we were going to be out early…he definitely banished those thoughts with 16 tunes and he kept going up to half 10 mark.  Have to say that Jape is one of the acts that I have been very neglectful with this year- aside from the couple of tunes I heard at Electric Picnic this is the first time I have seen him live outside of his Redneck Manifesto persona.  It’s not that I didn’t want to catch him before but as he is an Irish act I will sometimes choose the international one since I will ‘eventually’ see the Irish ones…with the current gig climate I might have to re-think that mentality though.

So since I haven’t listened to his albums and only caught some of his new stuff on Phantom I am definitely not the authority on what was played (besides the Toto cover in the encore but that is just showing my age!)   He started off with a quiet one which I thought surprising as he is rather energetic on stage- the crowd was quite big when he started off which was a pleasant surprise since with all the crimbo parties and the stacks of tickets I saw at Road I thought this might be a quiet affair.    The one track I did recognize from his new material was the third one Strike Me Down which I love and has an excellent vibe and of course I Was A Man and Floating were in there as well and damn fine.

The crowd was also treated to Jape’s soppy side when he announced he was now engaged and played a special number for his bride to be…not that he had to win the audience over but you could just hear all the ahhhhhs from the girls.   Overall a great gig though and hopefully will hear more from him in 2009!


TV On The Radio- Tripod Nov 08

November 17, 2008

Tripod seem on a roll of late with some great gigs and TV On The Radio was another one.

Met a friend for a couple of drinks before the gig so only got there halfway through the support and not sure who they were- I do know they were loud but to be honest not particularly memorable.  So by the time TV On The Radio came on stage I had another vodka down and was ready for a good vibe!

They didn’t disappoint- Tunde’s distinctive charismatic voice along with some excellent playing from the band kept a great vibe going.  I haven’t listened to their tunes in a while so I don’t remember them all but they had a good mix of them with some of my favs from the new album Shout Me Out, Dancing Choose and Love Dog.  One thing I found surprising is that there was a more post rock feel on quite a few of the tunes with Dave Sitek’s frantic strumming on the guitar- great for the vibe but sometimes overshadowed the vocals.  Of course with it being a sold out show there was some chatter on the quieter numbers but wasn’t overpowering as I have heard at a few other shows recently.

They were fairly quick to move on with each tune and didn’t particularly engage with the audience- one thing that I think that kept this from being an excellent gig.  I presume the pressure comes from the venue but the American groups seem to be taking this deadly seriously and ploughing through their set- an hour bang on for the main set and with the encore ending at 10:20.   That said the encore was quite good- Love Dog then an percussion heavy number I don’t remember the name of and a great end with Staring At The Sun.

So overall a great gig and am glad that I was able to catch them live-just a few small things could have made this excellent though!


Neon Neon- Tripod Nov 08

November 7, 2008

Tripod was hopping- the most people I have seen at a gig in a while!

Yo Majesty were up first and while not particularly my type of music with rap/hip-hop they were good. The second to last tune had some harder tones and even if I couldn’t understand what she was saying it was damn catchy. There was quite a crowd for them as wel- easily as big as some of the crowds that I have seen for the main act.  What I found interesting though is what they said at the beginning of their set- they wouldn’t be selling any merchandise there since they had only found out that Tripod would be taking 40% and that they had to live so to order from their site if any fans wanted something.

When they started setting up for Neon Neon you just knew that visuals were going to play a big part and they certainly did…it was great to also see quite a few 80’s type instruments- funny shaped guitars and best of all the keyboard guitar which I haven’t seen in a good while!

When they came on I knew what to expect song wise since I had the misfortune of having a glance at the playlist- I was right next to the sound booth and when somebody actually took a picture of the playlist I couldn’t help looking at it. I always like the element of surprise but for the most part the tunes were in the same order as the album which isn’t a huge surprise since it was a concept album.

So they started off with Neon Theme and Gruff Rhys had a chat about what the whole point of the tunes were and about John DeLorean….bit of a surprise then with this disembodied voice pipes up and starts having a chat…corny but a bit of humour at least.

My favs Dream Cars and Alderan were up next and they did have a great sound live- it was with Raquel though that I think the air drumsticks made their first appearance and a great way to spice up the gig. The visuals of Raquel Welch were quite good as well and well timed with the tune…I don’t remember her being in so many films where she was dancing!

Michael Douglas, Belfast and I Lust You then were up…maybe not in that order but all good tunes with the visuals to back them up. One thing that struck me is that the band are not that demonstrative when they are playing but they make up for it with the percussion and every member is beating on something at some stage.

There was a bit of a surprise when Har Mar Superstar came on stage- I don’t recall him being on the album but I had forgotten about the rap number Trick For Treat. He was lip syncing but he had some energy on stage at least…and quite funny asking the audience if they knew any people that would oblige them with a lock in.

Yo Majesty came back on for one of the closing tunes and then for the last encore Stainless Style was a long drawn out affair which was really good…and yeah partly because those air drumsticks made another appearance!

Overall this was the best vibe at a gig in a good while- it may have been very scripted with the tunes, the visuals, the banter with DeLorean but overall it was a cracking gig! Despite Har Mar saying that Dublin was the best gig ever (about a zillion times) what really sold the fact was when the drummer peaked his head around the curtains at the very end- that beaming smile said it all!


Band promoters humour

February 11, 2008

The band promoters in Dublin must have ganged together and said ‘watch what happens when we put 4 catchy groups all on the same night and have the punters go insane trying to decide which one to choose!’  

Well close enough anyway I think- 4 good groups on the 20th of February but my money is with Band of Horses-literally since I have a ticket.  Just bought their latest album today and it is just excellent…yep bought the gig ticket a while back based on a few brilliant songs…should be a great!

[EDIT] Just received the mailing from Whelans and Kinski is on later than originally billed- 10:30 so hopefully can make that one as well!

Just of glimpse of the groups…

Band of Horses– Tripod
Is There A Ghost

These New Puritans– Crawdaddy

Grand Pocket Orchestra– Whelans
Odd Socks

Kinski– Upstairs at Whelans
The Wives of Artie Shaw