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Competition- The Very Most, Upstairs @ Whelans

December 7, 2009

The Very Most will be hitting Ireland with their Christmas cheer and I have two double passes up for grabs!

They will be in Upstairs @ Whelans on the 12th of December and support on the night will be from the excellent Irish groups Storkboy Choons and The Ambience Affair so it should be a cracking night!

For your chance at a pass simply email the answer to this question:

What US state are The Very Most based in?  Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with The Very Most in the subject line by 8 pm on Thursday the 10th of December.

You can have a listen to a tune from each below along with a quite wicked Santa video from The Very Most to go along with their version of Away In A Manger!

The Very Most- Sweater

Storkboy Choons- Rockfield Symphony

The Ambience Affair- I Recoil

The Very Most- Away In A Manger


Competition- Mark Morris, Upstairs @ Whelans

October 9, 2009

Mark Morris, the voice of The Bluetones, will be performing an acoustic set in Upstairs @ Whelans on the 16th of October and thanks to Doolittle Presents I have a double pass up for grabs for each of his shows.

Doors for the early show are at 7pm (on at 7:30) and for the late show 9:30pm (on at 10:45).

There will be no support for the early show but Rhob Cunningham will be there for the late one.

Question:  What is the name of Mark Morris’ debut solo album?

Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with Morris Early or Morris Late in the subject line by 5 pm on Wednesday the 14th and winners will be picked at random.

If you want something a bit louder check out the comp for Themselves/Jogging who are on the same night in the main venue at Whelans!


Competition- King Khan & The Shrines, Upstairs @ Whelans

October 1, 2009

Psychedelic soulsters King Khan & The Shrines play Upstairs @ Whelans on Wednesday the 7th of October and thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs.  Jack Of Heart is supporting so should be a good night if you like your psychedelic vibe!

Rather unusual question this time:  Where was King Khan bitten by a rather hungry woman at his gig last year in Derry?

Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with King Khan in the subject line by Monday the 5th and a winner will be picked at random.


Nodzzz- Upstairs @ Whelans Sept 09

September 30, 2009

Another night at Upstairs @ Whelans for some new-ish groups and as seems to be case these days some surprises…not all good though.

The Mighty Atomics were up first with their 50’s style tunes which kind of veered into rockabilly which just isn’t for me.  One gig goer was certainly enjoying himself with his jerky twitchy dancing- I didn’t know you could turn an epileptic fit on and off like that though.

So Cow were then up and what whisperings I had heard about them being good were very quickly dissipated.  Even with missing the first couple of tunes the set just seemed to go from bad to worse.  A ‘drummer’ who was air drumming and a recording of the drum track playing, cheesy jokes that went down like lead and then at the end having a Big ‘Somebody’ (sorry can’t remember name) come up on stage for the last tune was a mis-step.  Was like watching a parody to be honest and maybe in the realms of Spinal Tap you could consider this set good- real world though it was not.

Nodzzz were finally up and have to say that they were the only redeeming part of the night.  Their tunes were certainly brief and sometimes I think they spent more time with banter in-between the tunes themselves.  Some of the banter was quite funny though- cold suffering, Primark shoe bedecked band with a dislike of Oakland, CA but at least they were engaging with the crowd.   Have to say that their tunes are very catchy even given their brevity- some like little nuggets which exist on their own but it would have been nice to hear them expanded just a tad.  They were kind of teasing with you since just as you were getting into them they ended and some longer tunes would really have had a great vibe.

And breaking down anonymity again with other bloggers- I said a quick hello to Ruan, Ian and’er Fiona.  See a couple of them at so many gigs it kind of felt rude not to say hello!


Competition- Nodzzz, Upstairs @ Whelan’s

September 20, 2009

Lo-fi maestros Nodzzz will be playing Upstairs @Whelans on the 25th of September and thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs.  Support is from Irish favs So Cow and The Mighty Atomics so it should be a good night!

For your chance at the pass simply give me another band that has an iteration of at least 2 letters in their name.

Lots out there at the moment and if you’re stuck check some of my older posts.  Just in case it’s a bit too eclectic check here for what I mean!

Mails to tenacioustimothy[at] with Nodzzz in the subject line by 8pm Wed 23rd and a winner will be picked at random.