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Weightless by Erika Janunger

October 12, 2008

Came across this a while ago when I wasn’t so busy elsewhere…

A short film with some innovative dancing and will keep you wondering how some of the sequences were filmed- good tune to boot!



Nada Surf and Captain Obvious

January 12, 2008

Was on the move listening to the Kiosk this morning so not sure if I got the name of a band correct for one of the tunes played.  While googling I came across an excellent blog for music and movies called Captain Obvious.  The tune that I think I heard is Weightless by Nada Surf and he has a write up here with links for two tracks that you can download.  See These Bones is an excellent tune and Weightless is quite good as well so look forward to the album which is released on the 5th of February. 

A good YouTube for Always Love