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Competition- David Bazan At Whelans

February 9, 2010

Competition time!  This time for American singer song-writer David Bazan (of Pedro The Lion) in Whelans on Thursday February 11th with support from Postdata.

Thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs for the gig- simply answer this question:

What other band besides Pedro The Lion was David Bazan lead singer of?

Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with Bazan in the subject line by 5 pm on Wednesday the 10th of February and the winner will be picked at random.

For a taste of his sounds click below…

Bless This Mess

The Man In Me


Competition- Deer Tick With Megafaun At Whelans

December 1, 2009

Did I hear you say indie folk?  Both Deer Tick and Megafaun are two great American groups with a healthy dose of various influences that will have you under their spell right quick.  Great news then that they will be meeting up in Dublin to play Whelans together on Sunday the 6th of December!

Let’s just hope Deer Tick stick to their excellent raspy and powerful tunes and not the Christian Rap or nude modeling as their MySpace suggests!

Thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs for the gig- simply answer this question:

Which one of my favourite groups did Megafaun support in November?  Hints also here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with Deer Tick in the subject line by 8 pm on Thursday the 3rd of December and the winner will be picked at random.

[EDIT] The winner will also receive copies of both their albums so get typing!

For a taste of the sounds check out the videos…

Megafaun-The Fade

Deer Tick @ SxSw 2008- NSFW!
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Three Nights Of Sonic Bliss

October 28, 2009

One for the better late than never category…just a quick summary of groups over three nights a couple of weeks back.

First night: The Lower Deck
Slurps– A band right off the blocks and unfortunately it shows- the drummer tended to follow others timekeeping and lead vocals need some work.  They do have some good tunes but they really need a lot of practice playing together before they sound cohesive enough.

Bats– Bloody excellent again!  There really is such a great buzz from this group and so much better when you’re up close and can feel every note.  Even if all the band members not feeling great they worked through it and am sure these guys will be hitting bigger venues soon.

Upsilon Acrux– I would like to be able to comment on them but since The Lower Deck operates on a time zone outside of GMT they were only coming on after 11 and I had to leg it for the bus.  The 2 min soundcheck I heard sounded good and I heard good reports back!

Second night:  Twisted Pepper
Belljar– Some very good tunes with a shoegaze post-rock vibe and ones to catch if you can.

Butterfly Explosion– great tunes as always!  Some really strong post-rock numbers and an excellent vibe.  If I had to nitpick anything sometimes the lead vocals are a bit weak depending on the tune but on others damn fine.  Change of lineup over the last few years but they are all on form and I’m expecting some very good things indeed with their new album which will be coming out next year.

Third Night:  Whelans
C!ties– Wow! Very young guys but some damn fine post-rock tunes!  Everything hits the nail on the head- guitars and drums superb and a great performance.  Can’t wait to catch these guys again but to help with the wait, they have their ep as a free download on their MySpace site so make sure you snag it!

Enemies– First time catching yet another good group from Richter Collective.  Pretty damn fine post-rock tunes and great syncopation work drums and even guitars.  Another one to catch again!

ASIWYFA– Woo hoo- these guys do not know the meaning of subtle!  Slamming instrumentation for an in your face sound from the word go!  Post-rock at its finest and even though these guys tour like there is no tomorrow the energy they have on stage is astounding.  Especially love the tunes from their yet-to-be-released ep- S Is For Salamander and D Is For Django The Bastard are ones to listen out for!  Only downside of set, besides the fact it had to end, was a new tune Coming Through The Sun Without A Scratch which sounded a bit light for them.

Overall was a great three nights- of all the tunes that are currently available, I will stick up one of C!ties tunes for your listening pleasure!

C!ties- 15728


Competition- Themselves, Whelans

October 9, 2009

The hip hop/rap duo Themselves will be at Whelans on the 16th of October and thanks to Foggy Notions I have a double pass up for grabs.  Support is from new Richter addition Jogging so should be a good show to check out!

Question:  Which group did Themselves collaborate with on 13 & God in 2005?

Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] with Themselves in the subject line by 5pm on Wednesday the 14th and a winner will be picked at random.

If Themselves and Jogging aren’t your thing then check out the competition for Mark Morris who is on the same night at Upstairs @ Whelans!


William E. Whitmore- Whelans Sept 09

September 29, 2009

The one thing I love about listening to music and going to gigs is my ability to still be surprised.  William E. Whitmore would not be the first artist that I would think of to throw on the hi-fi but his live performance has left me utterly floored and this night in Whelans turned out to be the best gigs I have been to in a while!

Before going on too much about William,  SquAreHeAd was up first in an acoustic set.  Arrived after he had kicked in but caught most of his tunes and they were quite good- he was a bit nervous though and he seemed to be racing through them.  Still a little rough around the edges for his solo work but one to watch I think.  Just as an aside it might be an idea if he has a different name for his solo work so you will know if it’s just him or the band!

William E. Whitmore was up a short time after, whiskey in hand.  I should state now before any Pioneers in the audience faint that there was a lot of drink flowing at this gig- not just on and off the stage but between the stage as well!  It wasn’t just the drink that was flowing either- William’s personality was over-flowing and his exuberance was infectious- my god did he connect with the crowd and after the gig you nearly felt like you had found a new friend.

His first three tunes were between the guitar and banjo and with a strong gravelly voice that you could literal down an oak tree with- between the beats on the side of the guitar and his foot stomping he was his own percussion section as well.  He did have a drummer with him though and Whiskey Texas came on for some great subtle beats on quite a few tunes before disappearing and reappearing at intervals.  In regards to the actual tunes themselves,  I wouldn’t usually be a lyrics man as it’s the tonality of his voice that drew me in but lyrically he can tell a great story with the music tying everything together.

When it comes to stories though it’s not just the one in the tune, as I said before he was engaging with the crowd and there is no way to remember all the stories he told in-between the tunes.  Some were extremely funny though and one before the Johnny Law tune about touring with the Pogues and coming across a drunk guy passed out in his dressing room (not Shane McGowan as he pointed out!) who turned out to be a cop was a memorable one!  He was also very good about shaking hands with the crowd during the breaks as well as taking the jibes from them…at one stage a woman asked him to strip but all she got in return was one shoe taken off.

As I mentioned, alcohol was flowing and with these stories quite often came some more pints of Guinness from the crowd for him and his drummer…during one break one intrepid (read drunk) fellow brought up his girlfriend for some  Baby Guinness shots with William and I lost track how many shots of whiskey were brought up for him.  It wasn’t one way though and at one stage Whiskey Texas brought out a bottle of Jameson, William took a swig and then handed it out to the crowd for them to finish!  Shame that I was driving that night.

He finished the main part of his set with not just a rousing tune but with one hell of a story before it about digging holes, black powder and bowling balls…the fun you can have when you live out in the middle of nowhere!  The tune itself was Dirt and sung in an Arlo Guthrie style it was an excellent closer.  Of course the crowd were not going to be pleased with just that and he came back on for a quite a few more tunes before heading off for good.  All in all I think he played for about 2 1/2 hours and you could see his exhaustion at that stage so you couldn’t ask for much more than that!

I am sure he will be back to Dublin sometime soon and if you get a chance to see him- DO and you will definitely not regret it!


Dirty Projectors And tUnE yArDs- Whelans Sept 09

September 23, 2009

I hadn’t initially intended on going to this gig since I wasn’t convinced of Dirty Projectors last album Bitte Orce and thought it was a bit too subtle for my liking.  Once I heard that tUnE yArDs was going to support I quickly changed my mind since I really wanted to catch her after hearing a couple of her tunes.

Before I get to the music, the important question of course is about the spelling of the name- tUnE-yArDs is on the cd, tUnE yArDs is the way that you will sometimes see it, and if you look at the majority of the web it’s tUnE YaRdS!  All that for just a name but even is confused since her cd won’t scrobble the tracks.   Name aside, it looks like it could be the moniker for Merrill Garbus or a band name since there is another member now on the guitar.

When Merril first came out on stage, she looked very unassuming and almost like any office worker with the exception of two white lines painted on her cheeks.  Once she started singing those unassuming qualities were straight out the window and her eclectic performance came forward at full force.   She started off with setting up her loops on the drum and vocals but after a short while she really hit her stride with screaming vocals and outright yelling at points.  Some in the crowd did snigger a bit with her intensity but I had a feeling it was more of a nervous laugh to dispel the thought that she was going to leap out at them!  She had some excellent tracks though- full of tribal beats and vocals and the looping really does make them.  One thing I love about live performances with loopers is them setting everything up- one thing that is always missing on the cd tracks.  She didn’t play the track Sunlight as I had hoped she would but I am sure she/they will be around again soon enough.

Dirty Projectors were up next and with not knowing too many of their tunes or indeed how the band setup, I recognised the tune Two Doves by the rather lovely voiced Angel.  Just the two of them for the opener and then the rest of the band came out for the remainder of the set.

Quite a few good tunes followed but I have to say that the ones with the focal point on the  lead singer Dave Longstreth were the weaker of them and its only when the spotlight was on the girls or their harmonies that the tunes shone.    Not sure of the name of the track but the 3rd tune of the night had Amber and Haley doing some sort of syncopated singing that was just fantastic and definitely ear-grabbing. (From a comment over at OTRIan stated it was arpeggios that were being sung for this tune).

A couple of rather long tunes followed but I thought they did meander quite a bit with his vocals and the soft backing sounds from the girls.  I was quite surprised that in some of them there were jams which seemed pointless and rather than notching up the energy it only served as a reason to play simple chords louder.  After these tunes they played Stillness Is The Move and Temecula Sunrise which I did enjoy but at this stage disinterest had set in so it was difficult to keep the focus on them.   The crowd did seem to appreciate them though even it there weren’t that many people moving to the the tunes.

Another two long tunes before they finished and when they came back on for the two song encore, thankfully they played the catchy song Knotty Pine from the Dark Was The Knight compilation.  Amber really has an excellent voice so I would hope that in future albums we hear a bit more of it.

So an unbalanced night with a great set from tUnE yArDs and a so so set from the Dirty Projectors- unfortunately I have to stand by my original opinion of them and if they had been playing at Electric Picnic I certainly would have moved on.


Competition- William E. Whitmore & Squarehead

September 14, 2009

Americana folk and blues artist William E. Whitmore will be playing in Whelans on the 20th of September and I have a double pass up for grabs.[EDIT]-now two double passes!

Support comes from SquAreHeAd who I have seen before and definitely a group to catch if you can.

Question:  What type of farm did William E. Whitmore grow up on?  Hints here.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] by 5pm on Friday the 18th of September.

In the mean time have a listen to his latest Daytrotter session!


Competition- David Kitt & Get Back Guinozzi!

September 10, 2009

Irish tune maker David Kitt will be playing Whelans on the 18th of September with support from Get Back Guinozzi! and I have a double pass to give away.

Should be a good night and I am looking forward to hearing Get Back Guinozzi! since they have a similar vibe to The Dø– some interesting groups coming out of France these days and the female off kilter vocals really catch the attention!

Question:  At Electric Picnic 2009- which artist did David Kitt replace at the Electric Arena on Saturday night after they cancelled?  Just in case you weren’t down there- the artist in question has been nominated for the Mercury twice.

Answers to tenacioustimothy[at] by 8pm on the 16th of September and a name will be picked at random.

Just for a taste of Get Back Guinozzi!, here is their video for Low Flies Tropical- definitely NSFW!!


Deerhunter- Whelans Aug 09

September 10, 2009

Didn’t get a chance to listen to either the support Angkorwat or Deerhunter in full before heading to the gig but went based on the buzz alone.  I have been meaning to check out Deerhunter for a while now but it was just one of those groups that has gone by the wayside since I have been so busy recently.

So not too surprised that Whelans was quite busy for the support but I was surprised by the diminutive female that is Angkorwat behind the keyboards.  Some delightful hazy and shimmering tunes and her voice hits the spot- lots of looping as well but for comparison Juana Molina would have a better vibe.  Interesting visuals of what looked like a practice session for a burlesque performance but shown high up on the wall so it didn’t particularly add much to the performance.

Deerhunter then came on and the exhausted looking Bradford Cox gave a quick hello before hammering into the tunes.  I have no idea of the setlist but the first one was a catchy number as was the second which the crowd certainly knew and had them dancing about.  The third tune was a bit of a mis-step though and seemed to kill the vibe which thankfully returned on the 4th and 5th tune.  After that it was hard to keep track of tunes since they were multifaceted and with the emphasis on instrumentation they seemed to mold into each other- a great vibe though and they kept the crowds attention.

During the gig there wasn’t much interaction between Bradford and the crowd with the exception of him saying how mellow we were and then had a little aside talking about Mello Yellow, tripping over clouds and waterfalls of pink foam.  When he came back on for the encore he certainly made up for any lack of  interaction by asking about our bedrooms and wanting us to shout out loud what they were like while he was tuning different instruments…the shouts did last for a while and he seemed genuinely pissed off when they stopped and he wasn’t ready.

After one encore his good humour came back though and he was engaging the crowd with some humour and trying to get the drummer to have the ta-dish on time.   He mentioned he has been in Whelans more than his own bedroom this year and after some guy shouting U A he said in a mock english accent that it must be sports related and his disdain for football.  So UA became United Artists and then Ugly Asshole where he had a go at himself by saying there were enough of those in his house with all the mirrors…was waiting for the ta-dish but it was mis-timed as usual.  To wrap things up he had a little ditty for Chris the sound guy whose birthday it was he went into another tune which was a cracker indeed.

S0 a great night of tunes and I really must give them more of a listen and will hopefully know them by the time they hit town again…probably not too long from now since Bradford has a fondness for Johnnie (aka Eddie) Rockets.


Sickboy- Whelans July 09

August 31, 2009

Hadn’t really heard of any of the groups before heading up to Whelans but a friend had tipped one of the supports so wanted to catch them.  Decent sized crowd and always a good sign to see band members from other bands in the audience.  Surprisingly for me though also a group of lads from work there- not sure that is a good sign or not!

Arrived after The House of Dolls had already started so had missed a few of their tunes- what I did hear was quite good.  When they use the synth they have an excellent sound and vibe- the tunes without the synth and just the guitars aren’t quite so catchy but still a good group to keep an ear out for.

Funeral Suits were up next with a good sound- clear and direct although sometimes muddied with too much heavy guitar work.  The pared down numbers really showed the quality of their tunes though and Now We’re Moving, Now We’re Free and Modern Urban Pleasures were excellent.  The only downside with their set is that they ended most of their tunes rather abruptly- hopefully they will work on the endings to keep the vibe going!

Sickboy were finally up and they certainly have a more polished sound which was a bit of a weakness actually.  Plenty of shoegaze guitars at work and strong vocals even if not always on key.  Recognized the A Tune but the problem with their polish is that they don’t stand out from so many others with the same sound.  Not sure what the last tune was but it was a cracker- long and more instrumental and had a great vibe.  Unfortunately they didn’t say it was their last tune until it was over and they didn’t come out for more no matter how much the audience clamored for it.

A good night but more for the supports than the main and will be keeping an ear out for Funeral Suits.