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Zenda Marie EP

November 21, 2011

I have been a fairly reflective mood recently and at those times I always go back to simple folk tunes on my ears instead of the more  convoluted math rock or electronica that usually reside there.

Zenda Marie have that simplicity and in such lovely measures- wonderful harmonies, slow guitar strumming and low electronica  that leaves you with the feeling of being in a meandering stream with the water slowly flowing over you.  You can buy/stream their self-titled EP over at their Bandcamp.

Prairie County



Seeping Into Cinemas- Dour Hour

March 14, 2010

A wonderful tune for a Sunday morning from Seeping Into Cinemas– low key vocals with subtle guitar, drums and keyboard to ease you into the day. Directed by Killian Broderick and featuring the striking Maya, the video is as much a pleasure on the eyes as the tune is on the ears…

Dour Hour

You can get the single on iTunes and while there are no gigs listed on their MySpace, they are popping up now and again around Dublin so keep your eyes peeled.   Betamax Format (who’s members comprise part of Seeping Into Cinemas) is also popping back up now and again on the gig circuit so keep them doubly peeled…sounds painful but worth catching them both!


The Riptide Movement- Alive Inside

March 7, 2010
Back from their tour of France, The Riptide Movement, one of the busiest gigging groups I know, will be having some gigs to showcase their new tunes from the forthcoming album Hot Tramp.  If you haven’t come across their tunes before you should check out their MySpace to stream a few from their previous album What About The Tip Jars??
Dates- catch them if you can!

For a taste of what to expect check out the zombietastic video for

Alive Inside…


Villagers- Becoming A Jackal

March 7, 2010

Becoming A Jackal is a new tune from the forthcoming album from Villagers and a stunner it is- directed by Ferry Gouw it is not just an audio treat but a visual one as well.

Becoming A Jackal

The single will be available on 7″ with the track Twenty-Seven Strangers on April 17th (Record Store Day) and both will be available for download on April 26th.

Always good to hear Conors voice and if you want to drown your ears with it you can get Hollow Kind from Road Records or checkout their songs on Breakingtunes or MySpace.


Willful Endeavorment

February 24, 2010

I’m not sure if that title is grammatically correct but it pretty much sums up what I mean.  I have been very busy lately on some old endeavors but some new ones as well so finding the time to post here has been like trying to find the door to a different dimension.

Quite a bit of my spare time has been Between Two Waves over at Eardrums Pop with three excellent music people- hopefully in a few weeks time you will hear the fruits of those endeavors!

What the blog doesn’t show at the moment is how much new music I have been listening to and how many new albums I have had on repeat.   There are so many good new tunes out at the moment- both submissions and new finds that have been titillating the ears and I will post soon.

A quick thank you as well for those individuals who nominated me in the best music blog category for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards…while I haven’t had a lot of time for here it’s nice to know that the efforts are appreciated.

For your eyes and ears is the excellent tune and video from one of my favs Dark Room Notes-enjoy!



Alcoholic Faith Mission

January 14, 2010

How many Danish groups are good for your ears?  It’s a question I have asked myself on more than one occasion and of course the answer is there are never enough!

The Alcoholic Faith Mission might have actually started in New York but their sound is Scandinavian through and through- glorious harmonies and varied instrumentation that come together to form a whole that is not only spectacular but becomes an addictive drug on the ears.   An interesting twist to the name and their own words sum it up best:

Suddenly before them was big neon cross. This was a holy congregation called Apostolic Faith Mission – and this was just like booze is to the alcoholic, they thought. A true mission to withstand an empty existence; an Alcoholic Faith Mission.

For those users in Spotify countries click below for their latest album

Alcoholic Faith Mission – 421 Wythe Avenue

For those un-Spotified you can listen to We All Have Our Shortcomings below or you can visit RCRD LBL for the stunning tune Nut In Your Eye and the slower and nicely sampled Time.


No official videos just yet but they have done a handmade road trip film for Guilty Scarred Eyes

For more information and details on how to get the album visit their label Pony Rec.


Angus And Julia Stone- And The Boys

December 29, 2009

Great news from Angus And Julia Stone– their second album Down The Way is due to be released in March 2010!    Even better,  according to their tour schedule, they will be hitting the UK and Europe from the 12th of April for a month so hopefully they will get to Dublin- their 2008 show in the Sugar Club was spectacular so another visit is always welcome.

And The Boys from the forthcoming album hits the spot with Julia’s delightful vocals so looking forward to hearing the rest.

You can get the single which also has Change and Take You Away from iTunes Australia and US.

While you’re at it check out Angus’ side project Lady Of The Sunshine.


Sleigh Bells

December 29, 2009

Just in time for the end of the holiday season, the appropriately named Sleigh Bells will give you some jingle and just a wee bit of jangle to boot.  Actually did I say a wee bit?  Make that a lot of jangle…and screaming female vocals…And a floor stomping bass drum…AND one hell of a great vibe!


Their live show looks like it’s full of energy- so much bass it sounds like the microphone is being eaten away.  Hopefully hitting these shores soon and a definite gig for earplugs!


Timber Timbre

October 28, 2009

Timber Timbre sounds like spirits at work but in reality its Taylor Kirk with his sublime voice and simple instrumentation from the band that give their sound such a mysterious element.

You can get their third self-titled album for free until this Saturday at their official site and the eight tunes are of a dark, subtle, understated beauty that is simply entrancing.

The first track, Demon Host is one of my favourites and has a pretty cool video to boot.  The other tracks have varying  instrumentation throughout but subtlety is definitely the key and be it drums, guitar, organ or auto harp the understated beauty shines through.

Demon Host

Demon Host Video

Thanks to @longmanoz for the headsup and for a great review of Timber Timbre’s tunes check out Obscure Sound’s post back in January- far ahead of the curve as always!


Freelance Whales

October 1, 2009

Freelance Whales have been on my ears for the last few weeks but with all the gigs recently only getting around to them now.  No matter since I think we will be hearing quite a bit more from them!

Similar to quite a few groups that I like in that they seem to use any old instrument lying around and that is where the magic lies in creating an unusual sound.  Generator 2nd Floor is a harmonious, driving, syncopated tune that will not just have the toe tapping and the head nodding but it may even get you dancing with a bit of glee!  Ghosting is a bit quieter but has the same excellent harmonies and instrumentation.

There is not a huge amount of information out there on them but no surprise that I came across them on the excellent RCRD LBL…which means that I won’t be rehosting the tunes so click here now to get them!  Check out their MySpace on where to get their lp Weathervanes.

For the one-clickers here is a live and more acoustic performance…

Generator 2nd Floor