Choir Of Young Believers

June 10, 2009

A Choir they might not be but I am a fervent believer that their voices are heaven sent.   Choir of Young Believers have some seriously catchy tunes that will lift up your spirits- haunting falsettos and melodies will certainly leave you with an angelic feeling at least.

I heard the tune Claustrophobia a while back and when trying to remember where I came across it- unsurprisingly from Eardrums on A Good Crop compilation in 2008- I also came across a post from mp3hugger back in 07 so his finely tuned years were ahead of the curve as always!

No videos for Claustrophobia but a good live acoustic version of the excellent tunes Riot and Sharpen Your Knife.

Riot and Sharpen Your Knife– Live version with simple acoustic versions

You can also download a new track Action/Reaction from RCRD LBL– while I think their older tunes are more atmospheric have a look at an intimate version of Action/Reaction which is just sublime.

Slightly better quality  at Soundvenue.


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