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Hopefully The Last Amanda Palmer Update Before The Gig

January 30, 2009

[EDIT]- Last Update on Tickets and set in Chapters.

From an email- the date for the in-store signing was incorrect:



The date for Amanda’s in-store with Neil Gaiman in Dublin @ Chapters is on
TUESDAY 17 FEB, which was incorrectly listed as 16 Feb in our last mailer.
So sorry for any confusion/inconvenience!

Tuesday 17 Feb
Dublin, Ireland
Chapters Book Store
All Ages In-Store signing w/ Neil Gaiman
5 PM

Team Amanda


More News On Amanda Palmer’s Dublin Gig

January 28, 2009

Just more information on Amanda Fucking Palmer from one of her mailings…slightly edited and she calls herself that not me!

[EDIT] Updated post on Chapters appearance– will be on the 17th.

[EDIT AGAIN]- Last Update on Tickets and set in Chapters.

Sound Cellar now have tickets for the gig in The Sugar Club on the 16th of February.  Tis going to an intimate solo show which will be great but I would still love to see her in London as Detektivbyrån are supporting.  Chapters sounds interesting as well and Neil may be there so could be an interesting afternoon!

we’ve JUST added a date in DUBLIN, including an ALL-AGES appearance in a bookstore with a special-surprise-guest-author-person who happens
to be there promoting a movie (called coraline: watch the trailer HERE) at the same time and said he’d show up.
details below.

Monday 16 February (afternoon)
Dublin, Ireland
Chapters Book Store

Monday 16 February (evening)
Dublin, Ireland
The Sugar Club

Also if you could help out on other fronts am sure she would appreciate it!

we, once again, are looking for PEOPLE TO BRING FOOD in europe and australia. we’re also looking for CRASH SPACE in EUROPE (sans Winterthur) and Australia.
there’s 8 of us….Please E-mail Steven about lodging and E-mail Lydia if you are up for bringing and sharing dinner with us.  we really really need your help on Europe lodging, so please spread the word!  anyone who helps will be showered with love and free tickets.
dates are below.

if you REALLY want to help promote these dates, we’re always looking for people to join the street team. in exchange for tickets and love, all we ask is that you download flyers and stick them up around town so that people can find OUT about the show. Please E-mail Lydia for more info.

thank you for being the best fans in the world.
long live the punk cabaret.


Medieval Music- Lecture Series

January 27, 2009

Yes the true music nerd has come out for this post!  I took a couple of music history classes in college and there is still something about the rawness of the shawm that I find utterly compelling.

The National Museum of Ireland are holding a Medieval Music lecture series in the Museum of Archaeology on Wednesdays starting on February 11 and continuing until the 18th of March.  Most of the lectures will be at 1pm and 6:30pm (some exceptions) and will cover a different topic each week.  Hmm as if I didn’t already haunt the museum- I love archaeology and at the moment I happen to work next door!

You can have a look at all of the lectures on their calendar of events– although as an IT aside they are filtering their dates backwards so the last ones are first and the first ones last in the list.

The last lecture is on the harp and of course that brought Joanna Newsom to mind…

The Sprout and the Bean



January 27, 2009

Damn- the tunes from Peasant have quite taken over my brain today.  Usually its the dulcet female tones that do it but Damien Derose’s voice is just bloody sublime.

You can head over to Rcrd Lbl to get the tunes Exposure and the excellent Raise Today which are the cause of the current infection.  Daytrotter also have a session with him and I will admit that I downloaded it when it first came out but thought the first couple of tunes were a bit weak and didn’t listen all the way through.  My mistake and certainly rectified now!

Raise Today– fan made so ignore the video for Bones but listen to the tune.  Lyrics on YouTube if you click through.
[EDIT]- looks like that one was disabled for embedding so click here.

Those Days


Earfarm- Brooklyn’s Best

January 26, 2009

Great post from Earfarm about groups from Brooklyn at the moment- some groups I have already come across like Effi Briest and of course The Antlers who have had more than one mention here.  Some of the other groups are quite good as well so have a look at whats on offer for your eardrums- I am especially looking forward to hearing more tunes from Dinosaur Feathers.

No YouTubes for the one clickers but check out Effi Briest’s Take Away Show.



Indiecater Freebies

January 26, 2009

Good news from Mr. Hugger:

To celebrate our upcoming ‘Spring’ EP from the Very Most (Feb 1st) we’d like to let you know that you can now download a sample track from every one of our 10 releases for a recession busting FREE!

Not only that but you can preview them all and then decide which ones are worth downloading. Go here and fill 0.01% of your iPod with some quality stuff!

So get-a-clicking to hear some quality tunes for the cost of air!



January 26, 2009

I came across the Finish act Regina a while back in LastFm and meant to return to but never got a chance.  So just as well  Its A Trap! put up the new track Totuus Minusta from their forthcoming album Puutarhatrilogia!

They do have a great sound- excellent female lead with some rather laidback and sublime sampling and unusual instrumentation.  The new tune is quite reminiscent of Pivot’s O’Sountrack My Heart tune which you should check out as well.

If you head over to their official site you can also get older tunes Tapaa minut aamulla , Näinä mustina iltoina along with the remix and the video Paras Aika Vuodesta.  A great sound so looking forward to the new album which is released on February 11th.

Paras Aika Vuodesta


Matt Bauer- Live Tracks

January 26, 2009

Matt Bauer was one of my favs last year and it looks like he will be around this side of the world in April- hopefully he will hit Dublin this time around!

Head over to his labels site, La Société Expéditionnaire, where you can download two of his live tracks from The Island Moved In The Storm.

(He Asks The Figure) Are You The One? mp3
(live from The Swedish American Hall, San Franscisco, CA, Sept. 25, 2008)

Matt Bauer – As She Came Out of the Water  mp3 – from Hinah Session


zZz- Competition

January 24, 2009

What’s better than hearing the dark and dirty sound of zZz?

Well hearing it live of course!  I have two double passes for the gig this coming Friday the 30th at Upstairs in Whelans.  For a chance to win one, just answer the following question in the comments below or email me at tenacioustimothy[at] by 5pm on Wed the 28th.   Over 18’s only and winners will be contacted by email.

Which commercial was their single Grip used for?

Have a look at their official site for a clue and grab some of their tunes while you are there!

Just for a taste have a listen to Ecstasy– the vibe in Upstairs won’t be quite as suggestive as the video but what a great sound!


Arthur Russell – That’s Us/Wild Combination

January 23, 2009

A quiet evening and nothing better than hearing Arthur Russell for that Friday feeling…

[EDIT]- Aquarium Drunkard has a short post about the documentary A Portrait Of Arthur Russell along with Eli and I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face to download.

Arthur Russell – That’s Us/Wild Combination